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Celebrating Father’s Day With Hearing Loss

Every June, families around the United States gather to celebrate the fathers in their lives. Whether you’re planning on a small barbecue or a whole-family affair, Father’s Day is the perfect time to show dad that you appreciate all the sacrifices he made and the valuable role he plays in your life.

But, if dad suffers from hearing loss, Father’s Day can be a tricky event. People with newfound hearing loss can feel anxious and uncomfortable in social situations and can feel isolated from conversations. In addition to taking steps to help dad feel more included in the festivities, there are a number of great present ideas to help surprise him with the gift of hearing this father’s day.


A Free Hearing Test

If dad hasn’t yet come to terms with the fact that he might have hearing loss, or it’s been a while since he last saw a healthcare professional about his hearing, a hearing test is a great gift idea.

Many older adults struggle to accept that they might suffer from hearing loss and often, just a gentle nudge from loving family members is all it takes to get them the care they need. Moreover, all too often, older adults start to neglect their hearing healthcare if they’re occupied with other medical concerns at the same time. So, if dad hasn’t seen a hearing professional recently, a free hearing test is a great step in the right direction.

Many providers offer free or low-cost hearing tests, so scheduling an appointment for dad is a great gift for better hearing healthcare.


TV-FM Wireless Headphones

Many dads love watching TV, but for those with hearing loss, it can be an uncomfortable and disappointing activity. With hearing loss, it can be difficult for dad to hear and understand what’s happening on his favorite program or what the announcers are saying about the ball game.

Unfortunately, many people with hearing loss simply turn the volume up on the TV, which can annoy others in the room or building and, worse, could cause continuing hearing loss. The solution? TV-FM wireless headphones. These great headphones can connect to a variety of devices, including a TV or radio, allowing dad to tune in directly to his shows without turning the volume up in the room.


Noise Canceling And Reducing Ear Protection

If dad loves working with his power tools, playing loud musical instruments, or attending loud events, then a good pair of noise canceling ear protection or a set of custom molded earplugs can help protect his hearing from further damage.

Dads who spend lots of time with power tools and playing the drums might like a pair of over-the-ear protective headphones, which can greatly reduce or cancel out the damaging noise of power tools.

If dad spends lots of time at concerts or loud sporting events, a good pair of custom molded earplugs can help him enjoy the music and game without sacrificing his hearing health. Unlike store-bought foam earplugs, a custom molded set is specially designed to filter out the most damagingly loud noises without reducing one’s ability to take part in a conversation. His hearing healthcare professional can help fit him for a custom pair of earplugs.


A New Pair Of Hearing Aids

Maybe dad has had his hearing aids for quite a while or he’d like to try out a different model. If your father is eager to try a new pair of hearing aids, getting him a voucher toward a new set or buying him a new pair can be a great gift.

Your dad can work alongside his hearing healthcare professional to determine what new pair might be best for him. You can also consider an assortment of great hearing aid accessories, like a hearing aid case or a cleaning set to complement his new or current pair.

Regardless of what you get for him, Father’s Day is sure to be a celebratory event. Taking the time to plan for how dad’s hearing loss might affect his special day is a great way to show you care. Hearing loss certainly doesn’t have to put a damper on your next Father’s Day.

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