Cerumen Management

Cerumen, also known as earwax, plays an important role in the health of our ears and hearing. Our earwax acts as a defensive barrier to keep debris from entering our ear canals, and it also protects the sensitive tissue inside our ears by lubricating and coating them. Cerumen is also an antimicrobial and works to prevent infections.

Sometimes, we can actually end up with too much earwax, and this can result in temporary hearing loss, earaches, or worse. Impacted earwax can create ear pressure or ringing in the ears, so it’s important to always get any excess cerumen professionally removed. Our eardrums are delicate membranes and can easily be damaged by trying to clear your own ear canal.

Earwax removal is typically done in-office, although more minor situations might only need a take-home kit. Our audiologists are trained to inspect and safely remove any earwax that may be causing issues for your hearing health and comfort, and can bring you the relief you need.

While we can remove cerumen as part of a regularly scheduled appointment, we do not offer this as a standalone service. We suggest you contact your primary care physician’s office for a referral within your insurance network.