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DIY Guide to Repairing 4 Common Hearing Aid Issues

Although hearing aids are high-tech wonders that are programmed and custom fit, they do require attention. Take a look at the most common hearing aid problems and learn what you can do to fix them before you run off to see a hearing aid professional.

Hearing Aids Not Producing Any Sound

Possible causes for a hearing aid not providing sound include a dead battery, a blocked receiver tube, or damage to the device itself.

  1. Check the battery and correct placing of the battery. Replace the battery if needed.
  2. Remove possible blockages and clean the device. The ear tube or the earbud gets clogged with earwax,
  3. If the hearing aid is damaged, contact a hearing aid specialist.

Hearing Aids are Not Loud Enough

If your hearing aids are not providing enough amplification even at a high volume, take the following steps:

  1. Visually inspect the hearing aid. If there is earwax blocking the microphone or sound outlet clear it away.
  2. Is the device turned on? Take care to ensure the battery is placed correctly inside the hearing aid.
  3. If you have a manually controlled volume be sure, it is not turned all the way down.
  4. Switch between different programs on the device. If your hearing aid will allow it, alter the settings and listen for changes in volume.
  5. Replace the battery.
  6. Contact a hearing aid specialist.

Distorted Sounds

When distorted sounds are present in your hearing aid, these tips may correct the problem:

  1. Visually inspect the batteries for corrosion. If corrosion is present on the batteries, replace them.
  2. Carefully examine the battery contacts. With the battery door closed, these are the little metal prongs that make contact with the battery. If corrosion is present on the hearing aid batteries, open and shut the battery door several times to clean the battery contacts.
  3. Try a different setting because you may have switched to the telecoil setting.
  4. Inspect the hearing aid for damage. If the device is damaged, contact a hearing aid specialist.

Hearing Aids Producing Feedback

Hearing aid feedback often sounds like a loud whistling in your ear. If you are experiencing feedback from your hearing aid, here are a few measures to try:

  1. Try removing your hearing aids and repositioning them inside your ears. The devices may be inserted the wrong way inside your ears.
  2. Decrease the volume of the hearing aid, then check for distortion. If the noise has ceased, there might be sound leaking out through the vent or around the earmold. If this is your problem, you may need a professional adjustment.
  3. Perhaps your ears are blocked by earwax? Schedule an appointment to have your ears professionally cleaned by a hearing care professional. Thoroughly clean your hearing aids of all wax build-up.

See a Hearing Aid Specialist

If troubleshooting does not improve the sound quality of your hearing aid, it is time to visit a hearing aid specialist for an adjustment to your device. It may be a simple fix completed while you wait, or it may need a factory repair. The hearing aid specialist will assist you in finding the best course of action.









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