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Exploring Hearing Apps And What They Can Offer To The Person With Hearing Loss

Beginning in 2016, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) no longer enforces the need for a medical assessment before amplification. This policy opens up the door for alternative self-test diagnostics and hearing devices, which has the potential to increase the initial access to hearing care via the use of hearing aid apps.

Helpful Functions

Depending on the manufacturer, hearing aid apps can provide you with several useful functions. Of course, you will still need to visit a hearing healthcare professional for initial hearing aid programming and adjustments to your hearing aid. The hearing healthcare professional will set your hearing aids to address your hearing loss and lifestyle. Apps allow you to make minor adjustments to these settings. A few of the app functions include:

  • Change level of sound with a volume control
  • Adjust sound in different bands with an equalizer
  • Adjust noise reduction
  • Change the listening program
  • Connect to accessories like television streaming devices
  • Request assistance from hearing aid professional
  • The ability to track hearing aid battery life
  • Locate misplaced hearing aid with GPS

Other apps available for hearing loss include those that test your hearing, mask tinnitus, and auditory training apps.

Do Hearing Loss Apps Work?

A new study is considering if hearing aid apps work. The researchers evaluated apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store. The apps must be downloadable and function without an internet connection, be simple to use, function through inexpensive wired earbuds or headphones and produce reasonable quality sound.

The results of this study demonstrate that hearing aid apps can increase access to amplification at a reduced cost, raise hearing loss awareness, and reduce the stigma of wearing hearing aids. With periodic app updates, users have access to the latest software and features available.

Hearing Aid Apps

Please realize that no hearing app can replace a hearing aid. That said, some great hearing aid apps can enhance your experience. Here are a few:

  • TruLink Hearing Control. This iPhone compatible app can help you find a lost hearing aid, stream calls and music, have Siri read emails direct to your hearing aid, and make use of geotagging.
  • This app that is compatible with Eargo hearing aids is popular. The app can deliver personalized menu options, battery status checking, simple access to user guides, and live chat with Eargo professionals.
  • My Lively. This fantastic app can connect you with a hearing healthcare professional in case problems arise with your hearing aids. It also offers muting and volume control for hearing aids, customizable program settings, and a lost hearing aid locator function.
  • Phonak Remote. This app allows you to stream music and calls from the iPhone. You can stream audio from the television and adjust left and right volumes independently.

Do You Have A Hearing Loss?

If you are experiencing trouble hearing, it is time to act. Please schedule a hearing evaluation with a hearing healthcare professional in your area. This professional can diagnose your hearing problem and provide the appropriate treatment for your specific hearing needs.

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