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Gift Ideas to Wow the Hearing Impaired People in your Life

The holidays are here, and that means it’s time to start planning the feast, making travel plans to visit family and friends and go shopping for gifts. Whether they are unique items, experiences or other thoughtful ideas, gifts can show the people you care about that they are on your mind and in your heart. For some on your list, these gifts may require a little extra thought and consideration, especially for those on your list with hearing loss.

Gifts for everyone

We know, it’s not always easy to find the perfect gift. That can be even more so when that special someone has hearing loss. We’re here to help with some of our top picks. Show those in your life with hearing loss you care with gifts like these this holiday season:

Toys for kids – For the littlest ones on your holiday giving list, gifts like these designed for the hearing impaired, can make them feel special:

  • Dolls and similar toys sporting hearing aids. American Girl dolls and Build-a-Bear both offer hearing aid accessories.
  • Books about hearing impairment or that feature hearing impaired main characters that will resonate with young readers.

Jewelry and accessories – Kids, teens and grownups can all appreciate a little accessorizing to show off their style. If you know someone who lights up at the thought of doing just that, find something special and unique on sites like Etsy or opt for hearing aid decals, charms and cases that will make that special someone smile when they open their gift.

Tech Toys – For some, the latest technology is just what they want every year. Luckily, there are plenty of tech devices out there to make your friends and family happy.

  • Hearables are one of the most recent additions to wish lists and help enhance anyone’s listening experience while also monitoring vital signs, translating and more. These wireless little in-ear computers are without-a-doubt a popular choice for fans of tech.
  • Alarm clocks designed with the hearing impaired in mind can be a great idea for those that need a little extra help getting up in the morning. Vibrating alarm clocks and clocks that use light to simulate the sunrise are both excellent choices.
  • Captioning phones can help keep you and your loved ones connected even with hearing loss.
  • Assistive listening devices for the home can make a practical and very appreciated gift. Consider wireless headphones for use with the TV, a loop system or even a TV soundbar.

Dining out delight – For the culinary connoisseurs in your life, give the gift of a meal out on you. Research shows that it is often experiences more than things that boost happiness and for some, the perfect steak or chef-prepared salad at a swanky restaurant is pure happiness on a plate. Do your research to pick the ideal spot. If they don’t already have a favorite restaurant with good acoustics, scout out some quieter choices that don’t skimp on the flavorful food. If you are taking them out (instead of giving a gift certificate), Be sure to call ahead to reserve a quiet corner table away, where everyone can enjoy the conversation.

Movie package – Movie tickets can be a great choice for those with hearing impairment who still love a good movie. Many movie theaters can offer a complete experience for those with hearing loss thanks to assistive listening devices. Call the local theater to find out what options they offer. Don’t forget to throw in some popcorn, candy and a drink for the full movie-watching experience.

Museum or science center passes – Like movie theaters, many museums and similar venues offer assistive listening devices, loops and self-guided tours that make them a good gift option for those with hearing impairment. Do your research to decide on the best museum, center or experience for their tastes and to determine what accommodations are available.

Wow the hearing impaired family and friends in your life this holiday season with thoughtful and useful gifts like these that will enhance their life.

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