Hearing Evaluations

Do you or someone you know suffer from hearing loss? It’s estimated that nearly 30 million Americans would benefit from the use of a hearing aid, but unfortunately a far smaller number actually take the steps to get one. While hearing impairment can be frustrating to live with, there are a variety of options available to improve the quality of your life. Hearing aid solutions can be customized for nearly every budget and lifestyle, but first, a comprehensive hearing evaluation must be completed to determine your individual needs.

At Oliver Audiology, we begin every journey back to healthy hearing with a complete hearing evaluation. The tests we use are quick and easy, and help us to clarify the source of your hearing loss, its severity, and which solutions will meet your needs.

When you visit us for a hearing evaluation, you’ll begin by sitting down with one of our audiologists to review your medical history, current symptoms, and your specific hearing concerns. We’ll use a tool called an otoscope to complete a physical examination of your ear. This helps us to see if your symptoms are being caused by any injuries or blockages inside your ear.

Your audiologist will also test your hearing with a complete series of audiometric tests. Using a special set of earphones, various sounds will be played and you’ll be asked to signal when you can hear them.

Not only will we test your ability to hear across a broad range of frequencies and volumes, but you may also be asked to repeat different words that you hear to help determine if any pitches and tones of speech are not being heard. Sometimes this test is repeated in the presence of background noise.

When these tests are complete, we will carefully review your results with you. Our audiologist will also print an audiogram, which is a graph that represents what sounds you can hear clearly and if there are any that you can’t. For individuals who may be good candidates for hearing aids, we will review your options with you.

At Oliver Audiology, you can feel confident that you will never be pressured to choose any option that you’re not comfortable with. Our mission is to simply help you understand your current hearing ability and, if necessary, the available solutions for improved hearing.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a hearing evaluation.