Bolero™ B

The Bolero™ B is Phonak’s latest high-performance hearing aid created to make hearing effortless. With its revolutionary AutoSense OS™ operating system, your hearing aids sense your surroundings and adjust every step of the way. Now you can enjoy unrivaled hearing performance anywhere you are without having to manually adjust your hearing aids.

Bolero™ B-R

The Bolero™ B-R is Phonak’s latest rechargeable hearing aid that offers 24 hours of hearing off a single charge. With the Bolero™ B-R, you can unchain yourself from the hassles of batteries, and enjoy a long-lasting rechargeable hearing aid.

Audeo™ B

The Audeo™ B is for mild to severe hearing loss and has been designed to simplify your life. Equipped with AutoSense OS™ technology, the Audeo™ B offers an exceptional hearing experience regardless of your whereabouts.

Virto™ B-Titanium

The Virto™ B-Titanium is a super discreet hearing aid that is made from titanium. Custom-made to fit perfectly in your ear, and equipped with Phonak’s AutoSense OS™ technology, the Virto™ B-Titanium offers wearers a great combination of discreteness, durability, and performance. And since it’s fully automatic, users never have to worry about manually adjusting their hearing aids again.

RemoteControl App

Phonak proudly offers a RemoteControl App that turns user’s smartphones (Android and iOS) into a remote control. Now you can adjust your hearing aid’s volume and settings directly from the palm of your hands.

Wireless Accessories

Phonak offers a wide range of wireless accessories that connect directly to your hearing aids: .

  • Roger™ Table Mic

The Roger™ Mic is a wireless microphone that makes it easier for hearing aid users to participate in small and large meetings.

  • Roger™ Pen

The Roger™ Pen is Phonak’s all-inclusive microphone accessory that helps understand noise over a distance. With its hassle-free technology and discreet design, it’s an ideal tool that delivers superior speech-in-noise performance at home, work, or play.

  • Roger™ Clip-on Mic

The Roger ™ Clip-on Mic is a discreet and lightweight stand-alone microphone for one-to-one conversations.

  • Phonak DECT Cordless Phone

The Phonak DECT cordless phone connects directly with your Phonak hearing aids, making phone calls easier and more enjoyable.

  • Phonak ComPilot

The ComPilot is Phonak’s all-in-one Bluetooth™ streaming and remote control accessory. It connects wirelessly to your smartphone and hearing aids, allowing you to enjoy hands-free connectivity wherever you are.


Lyric is the world’s only 100% invisible extended-wear hearing device. It can be worn 24/7 for months at a time and has no batteries to change. The Lyric is placed comfortably in your ear canal by one of our trained hearing professionals with no need for surgery or anaesthesia. It is positioned comfortably and completely in the ear canal so it can’t be seen from any angle, at any time. The Lyric can be used during almost all of your daily activities including exercising, showering, sleeping, and talking on the phone.