I have been visiting Oliver Audiology for about ten years with my mom as patient. Linda and Jim are very professional and more importantly competent and kind. The attention they offer as well as consideration to economy are excellent. I highly recommend as well as appreciate their practice

Dick D

Dr. Oliver and her staff are wonderful! They were very patient and thorough in fitting me with hearing aids and making sure I could properly operate and care for the hearing aids I chose. I give them my highest recommendation.

Richard H

Love love this place. First time in as a walk-in, I needed to get the tubing and buds for my hearing aids replaced. Not only was Jim able to do it–they really do handle all kinds of aids!!!–he did it–for free. I’m still amazed. Smart move, kind move, good move–I am now a customer for life. You should check them out. The Yelp reviews are great: I can confirm them enthusiastically and unequivocally.

David J

Dr Oliver and her staff were absolutely wonderful to me and my family today. She was able to patiently care for my very elderly father who is extremely hard of hearing and nearly blind. She was so kind, thorough and explained how his hearing loss affects him, and showed my son how to clean his hearing aids. The staff was nice, office bright and cheery and the service , off the charts! I look forward to bringing my mom in to see her soon so she can get new hearing aids. This was a medical appointment we were not looking forward to, but it turned out to be very helpful, interesting and enjoyable too! I highly recommend Oliver Audiology!

Lee S

I did not want a hearing aid. Family members finally persuaded me to look into it. That is all I intended to do. Look into it. Then, “Thank you, but no thank you.” Dr. Oliver was, however, incredible with this resistant patient, deeply understanding my feelings and showing me how the technology has come so far that my major concerns were non-issues. These are not your grandparents’ hearing aids. They are invisible, effective, and not nearly as inconvenient as I had feared. Most important, Dr. Oliver is totally at the top of her game with the technology, with the biochemistry of hearing loss, and with the individual requirements and preferences of each patient. The office staff are all selected to meet the high standard she sets, and you will love them as well.

David F

I would highly recommend Oliver Audiology. I had problems with both of my hearing aids   They found the problems, took time out to find out that they were still under warranty,repaired them and billed the manufacture.  The facility was emaculous, they were very accomodating, even as a walk-in while I was visiting from Michigan I would definately use them again!!

Ronald J

My elderly mother had a fall and her hearing aid was damaged due to blood getting all in it. She originally purchased it from a corporate type business 5-7 years ago. Took it here to try and get it fixed. Even though she is not their patient they were extremely helpful. They cleaned it and sent it off to the manufacturer for repair only charging what the manufacturer charged them. Took it back many times (due to no fault of theirs) for adjustments and they provided excellent service and didn’t charge us anything. Now that my mom is out of the hospital I will be taking her there for her check ups and any adjustments necessary. So far have only dealt with Jim but if he is the example of how this business operates can’t wait to meet the rest of the staff.

Jessica H

Oliver Audiology is great! If you have a car, you can squeeze into their underground parking garage for free, otherwise parking is rough. The staff is very kind and knowledgable. Dr Linda Oliver is an especially good person- she does non-profit work to help children in other countries with hearing loss! I highly recommend them!

Amanda H

Wow! I have had a life-changing experience! I started with Dr. Linda and her husband when they first started in their own. That was around 1995? Anyway, a long time! When I left SD, I vowed to keep them as my audiologist, as I moved to Palm Springs. Well, my recent story is testimony to 5 stars out of 5!!! I own 3 hearing aids; one primary, and two backups. So my primary goes dead with no revival; tried 5 new batteries . One of the backups worked, marginally. Shipped 2 Hearing aids to Oliver Audiology on Monday, were repaired, and received back on Wednesday! WOW!!!! Even the U.S. postmaster couldn’t believe this 48 hour turnaround. Love Linda and Jim!!!!

Jean Paul L

The manufacturer of my hearing aids, Starkey, recommended Oliver Audiology and Hearing Aid Services when I moved from Tucson to San Diego and needed a repair. The office is very pretty and the staff is very cordial. They have a “walk-in” time Monday through Friday for hearing aid repairs. My hearing aid was repaired in five minutes and even though I was not a past patient, they didn’t charge me. I will definitely come here for all hearing appointments in the future.

Karen K

My first time experience with hearing aids.From  making my first appointment, thru the process of testing,measuring,& receiving my hearing aid ,all questions were answered very thoroughly & instruction of use & care of my new product as well. Dr Berntsen  was great , made me feel at ease & has a very pleasant way about himself.Enjoyed my visits with all the staff as well [ very helpful ] & love the offer of coffee & a fresh baked cookie while waiting to be seen ! I was recommended by a friend & would highly do the same if asked where to find an awesome team of audiologist ! Jan Gabele

Janine G

Very few times in my life have I encountered such a professional and caring person as Dr. Linda Oliver. She’s fantastic and Brook , Jim and others on staff are excellent too.. I thoroughly enjoyed my visits and there is no comparison to the other Hearing- Ex :) places I’ve been previously. Her technique, top-of the line equipment and the software behind it is 1st rate.

Jim S

Hearing loss is heredity in our family although it doesn’t always affect every child born. Usually the loss is noticeable after the age of two and can be difficult to diagnose and is often mistaken for other ear problems. Add to that the difficulties occurring naturally through aging and it is essential, after the diagnosis of hearing loss, to find an audiologist with the skill and willingness to treat a patient from a young age through old age. In our family that includes  6 of us from ages 3 through 70. Dr Oliver and her staff are amazing. They combine knowledge, skill and professionalism with compassion, concern and consideration for patients and their families. The patient is their only concern and from the first moment you feel right at home and are treated as if you were the only person of importance in the practice. We highly recommend Oliver Audiology, and will continue with this wonderful group of people for years to come.

Sheila K

It’s so rare to find genuinely caring, helpful people anymore. My luck changed when I googled audiologist in San Diego and discovered Oliver Audiology. I’ve been wearing hearing aids since the first grade so I am very familiar with Audiologist. My current hearing aids were purchased while I was living in another State. I started having issues with my left hearing aid after moving to San Diego. I went to a local Audiologist who quoted me a large sum of money to have the aid repaired by the manufacturer then offered a less expensive option to have my aid repaired in Orange County. At first I was very pleased with the repair and the cost. I soon discovered that the repairs became more and more frequent. By this time, I was having both my left and right repaired. It seemed like an endless struggle. One of the two always had a problem. Finally I decided I had to find a local office that would help me, for real. When I checked yelp I was really happy to read so many positive reviews. I scheduled an appointment with Oliver Audiology and got my left hearing aid fixed once and for all. Soon after my right followed. I’m 100% even for the first time in years! The staff at Oliver Audiology have been a blessing to me. I appreciate everything they have done to help me! Thank you!!

Emi A

A little background: I have a profound loss and have worn hearing aids in both ears since before Kindergarten. I first moved to San Diego from Washington, D.C. two years ago, and everything was great… except on an audiology level. I was very fortunate to have a close, non-profit audiologist that I basically grew up with in the D.C. area and struggled to find anybody even close to that in San Diego. I originally had Kaiser, which – if any of you have had any experiences with their audiology department, you will know – I left nearly immediately. I had tubes in my ears as a child and therefore can’t have my ears flushed with water. This is Kaiser’s solution to everything. Not to mention the whole need a note from your doctor to see a specialist scam. Next was a oncologist that I found off Google. Since audiology wasn’t really their specialization, I wasn’t terribly impressed with the services rendered. While trying to remove wax from my ear, they used this loud, sucking machine that is very painful and seemed to damage my hearing further. Was not a fan, and always left feeling like I had worse hearing than when I went in. Finally, I just kind of lucked out while searching around on YP.com one day and came across Oliver Audiology. I decided to pop in and give them a try as I needed a hearing test and to get my hearing aids working again. FINALLY, this is what I had been missing in this sunny paradise. Linda and her husband run the shop, with Linda as the licensed audiologist, and they and their employees simply make a fantastic team. It is extremely easy and simple to make an appointment with them, they take my insurance (Anthem), and I pop in all the time for odds-and-ends (speaker or microphone fix on hearing aids, wax removal, etc.) and they service me immediately and send me on their way. The best part – unusual for a business in the medical field – there are no random bills that show up at your house weeks later saying you owe money for something or another. Scratch that, the best part is their genuine concern, honest repertoire, and due diligence to get me hearing as well as possible. What more can you ask for?

Matt V

Linda is the ultimate professional;  knowledgeable, thorough, effective communicator, and compassionate.  She demonstrates all these skills with excellence and is always ready to “solve the problem”.  My husband had to try out several different hearing aids to get the right fit, and Linda was so helpful in making that happen.  The office has a warm atmosphere that makes you feel welcome and valued.  Linda is an example of the saying, “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.   My husband had been to Costco for hearing aids a few years ago and had a less than adequate experience….Linda exceeded our expectations and then some.  Oliver Audiology is amazing!!   Pam

Pam L

All I can say is WOW! Linda is truly amazing. I went to her for a hearing test and can’t believe how much time she spent with me. She answered all of my questions and made me feel so at ease. She is kind, patient and has a delightful sense of humor. I felt like she was one of my new best friends when I left. She is extremely knowledgeable and very understanding. She appreciates budget concerns and doesn’t make you feel if you don’t get the most expensive hearing aids you are selling yourself short. I am very much looking forward to my next visit with her and would recommend her to anyone with a hearing impairment.

Sari R

Was visiting San Diego from Florida when one of my hearing aids broke. I called and asked if they would be able to repair it for me. I was told to come to the office. Not only was the repair done quickly. I was not charged for the service. If I lived in San Diego I would certainly return. Not often that you get that level if care.

Susan B

I have 2 hearing impaired children and 5 other hearing impaired people in my family locally. All of us have switched to seeing Linda Oliver! She is patient and kind and takes her time to make sure that she gets the hearing aids tuned correctly. Dr. Oliver has been working with one of my kids since she was 5, when we could not get her into Children’s Hosp in time to get hearing aids for school. She has been working with my 2 year old since birth, and will assume full care for her hearing when she is a little bit older and has outgrown the basic services at Children’s. Dr. Oliver has  fixed my Father’s ears so he can hear!!! She is fixing my husband’s with the very best on the market through department of Rehabilitation, and has been able to outfit my firefighter brother with very specialized aids so he can work. Dr. Oliver also goes abroad to do charity. She’s an all around good soul and I could not give her and her staff a higher recommendation. No matter how bad your hearing problem is, she will find a way to make you hear more!


Linda is great!  I recommend her to everyone I meet that is looking for hearing aids.  She is very skilled and knowledgeable and gave me a very thorough hearing evaluation.  I am extremely happy with the hearing aids I purchased and continue to get excellent follow-up care.

Marilyn W

When it comes to an audiologist, Linda is as good as it gets! She is patient, kind, and knowledgeable when it comes to anything hearing loss/hearing aid related. I have had a hearing loss since I was 5 years old, which means I have 23 years of audiology experience (crap now you know how old I am). Linda is in my top 2 of all the audiologists I’ve seen in my life. The other one is in Maryland! Best Audiologist in San Diego, hands down.  You hear? Oh maybe you don’t – so you better get to Linda ASAP!

Melissa S

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