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The Hidden Cost of Hearing Loss

Can you imagine reporting to work and being confused about your daily tasks because of difficulties hearing your supervisor at the morning meeting? Better yet, what if you were on a business conference call with an important client and were unable to address his or her concerns appropriately because you simply could not hear?

Well, this is a reality for many people who suffer from untreated hearing problems. Along with the struggle of communicating with your loved ones and friends, there are so many other areas of your life that can be negatively impacted by hearing loss.

What exactly is hearing loss really costing you? Hearing problems can rob you of a successful career. Good job performance is often dependent upon having sufficient hearing.

As the age of retirement is gradually increasing past 65, the number of employees with hearing loss also continues to grow. Those who suffer from untreated hearing problems may find the job that they once loved has now become more and more difficult to perform.

These individuals may struggle with hearing important auditory information at meetings, interacting with other employees, focusing on job duties and retaining information. All of these factors may lead to work-related stress and fatigue, limiting overall productivity, job security and happiness.

In addition to work performance, driving is another area that can be affected by untreated hearing conditions. We all know that safe driving requires good vision. However, have you ever considered the fact that moderate to severe hearing loss can result in significantly poorer driving performance?

Safe driving demands more than just adequate vision function. However, it requires a great level of awareness that relies on the driver’s ability to hear and detect potential danger coming before actually seeing it. If you are unable to hear it, then you simply can’t avoid it.

Think about it. You were able to avoid the potential accident because you heard the racing car passing by you carelessly. In emergency situations, you heard the sirens from the ambulance or police vehicle before you saw it. In both instances, hearing allowed you to yield and react appropriately.

What if you struggled with hearing loss and were unable to hear the sound of the pending danger? Not only would you be placing yourself in danger, but you also pose a threat to other drivers and pedestrians around you.

About 33 percent of drivers over the age of 65 experience some degree of hearing loss. One out of 10 drivers are on the road driving with untreated hearing problems, not realizing the danger that may result.

However, this does not have to be the final outcome. You do not have to allow hearing problems to damage these areas of your life. If you are struggling with hearing loss, then maybe it’s time for you to make an appointment for a complete hearing evaluation. A hearing aid may be the simple solution to getting you back on the road to success.


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