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Oliver Audiology

Patient centered hearing healthcare.

Welcome to Oliver Audiology

Oliver Audiology is a locally owned, hearing center dedicated to providing expert hearing healthcare services to the people of San Diego. Whether you are having trouble hearing the soft sounds of your environment, you can’t hear your loved ones clearly anymore, or you just want to be proactive about your hearing health, we are here to serve you.

Why Choose
Oliver Audiology?

Oliver Audiology has been helping the people of San Diego and the surrounding communities improve their hearing health since 1996. Over the decades our philosophy has always been 100% focused on patient care. You can get a hearing aid anywhere, but you can’t get patient-centered care anywhere.

The entire team at Oliver Audiology is dedicated to helping our patients and fostering a welcoming environment. Our focus has always been and continues to be focused on your individual hearing needs.

Linda Oliver, Audiologist at Oliver Audiology office in San Diego, CA

What to Expect

Patients who visit our office often tell us how enjoyable their experience was. Our front office team genuinely enjoys helping people and getting to know everyone who comes through our doors. If you are nervous about your first appointment, don’t be! We will walk you through every step.

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When you arrive, you will fill out some paperwork providing us with your insurance information, medical history, and your information on your current hearing ability.

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You will be seen by our audiologist or hearing specialist. They will begin your appointment by getting to know you and asking questions about your hearing.

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The hearing exam will begin with a look inside your ears. We need to ensure your ear canal and eardrum are clear and healthy.

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Then, you will sit in a soundproof booth with a pair of headphones on and we will assess your hearing. We will walk you through this entire process.

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After we have the results of your hearing test (audiogram) we will counsel you on how to best move forward with management options if an aidable hearing loss is present.

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Preferred Provider of the NFL Players Association

Oliver Audiology is a preferred hearing care provider for the NFL Players Association’s Professional Athletes Foundation. Through this partnership, the PAF aims to bring better hearing to former professional athletes and their fans across the nation. Together, we spread awareness, help players in need of hearing care, and collect data on the connection between hearing loss and professional football.

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